St Joseph Vaz, Martin Luther King and Civil Rights

Saint Joseph Vaz’s birthday is April 21, 1651. This year, 2018, the Joseph Naik Vaz Institute, is celebrating our 40th year of existence under the leadership of Filomena Sarawati Giese. In keeping with Saint Joseph Vaz’s outreach and positive interaction with various religious communities and his service to others, our Institute is reaching out to various groups this year as we celebrate our 40 years.

(In photo: Liam Pinto, Senator Bernie Sanders, and George Pinto)

Board member, George Pinto, represented the Joseph Naik Vaz Institute at Martin Luther King’s 50th year death anniversary commemorations in Memphis on April 4, 2018. Thousands of people gathered in Memphis on this important day to honor MLK’s historic struggle to overcome oppression, denial of human rights, and successfully win freedom and equal rights for the descendants of African slaves in America – a civil rights struggle which has significantly benefited Goans in the USA.  Many in attendance were non-African Americans, including Senator and former Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders. The entire week was filled with significant events, mostly held at the Civil Rights Museum at  the Lorraine Motel where MLK was assassinated,

The Joseph Naik Vaz Institute invites everyone to volunteer and serve the needy in their local communities, to help the homeless and disadvantaged, and to work on today’s social justice issues like environmental protection, housing, health care, etc.

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