Celebration of our Indian and Sri Lankan Saints Mass



Ami devak arga ditanv sant Joseph Vaz, Ven. Fr. Agnelo, ani Msgr. Raymond Mascarenhas, ani amchya India/bhartiie ani Sri Lankachya santanchya zinye and deki pasot.

Mogala bapa magtanv ami prateyek zaun manpavo jallya father Agnelochya tesava mukantr Rahul Pintok tachya mendva gaya taun ani operation taun sampurn taran goon karn taka bari bhalaiki dii muun magtanv!

Jesu Krista amchya somya mariphat, Amen.


We thank God for the life and example of St. Joseph Vaz, Ven. Fr. Agnelo, and Msgr. Raymond Mascarenhas and our Indian and Sri Lankan Saints.

We pray for the recovery of Rahul Pinto from a brain injury and operation through the intercession of Ven. Fr. Agnelo.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen

Celebration of Feast of St. Joseph Vaz. Apostle of Kanara and Sri Lanka, and other Indian and Sri Lankan saints at the 12:30 p.m. Mass on Sunday January 29, 2017:

The devotees of the seventeenth century St. Joseph Vaz wish to thank Fr. Tung and the parish of St. John the Baptist for helping us to celebrate his January 16 Feast day and to mark the beginning of the 2017 “Year of St. Joseph Vaz” which was declared recently in Sri Lanka (http://m.ucanindia.in/news/sri-lanka-declares-2017-as-the-year-of-st-joseph-vaz-33889.html).

Indian and Sri Lankan Catholics also celebrated the Christian life and selfless service of other native Indian and Sri Lankan candidates for the sainthood such as Indian Ven. Fr. Agnelo de Souza, SFX, Msgr. Raymond Mascarenhas (founder, Sisters of the Little Flower of Jesus of Bethany), the Sri Lankan “Martyrs of Mannar”, and Thomas Cardinal Cooray, OMI on this annual Feast day celebration.

The Mass was said by Fr. Joseph Thang Nguyen, CSSR, and concelebrated by Rev. Shantaraj Thomas S.J. and Rev. Francis Fernandes S.J., all of whom are doctoral students at the Jesuit School of Theology, Berkeley.

Fr. Shantaraj gave a homily on how the life of St. Joseph Vaz, who lived and did his missionary work under Dutch persecution, exemplifies the teaching of the Beatitudes.

He also talked about the selfless Christian service given by Ven. Fr. Agnelo and Msgr. Raymomond Mascarenhas, new candidates for the sainthood in India and Sri Lanka.

Sister Shalet Mendonca, a Bethany Sister from India and doctoral student at the GTU in Berkeley, read the Prayer of the Faithful in Konkani, for the miraculous recovery of a brain accident victim, Rahul Pinto, through the intercession of Ven. Fr. Agnelo, SFX.

The multicultural choir, led by Ligia Britto, sang a hymn to St. Joseph Vaz in the major language of Sri Lanka, Sinhala, as well as hymns in Vietnamese and Tagalog.

Please visit our website www.josephnaikvaz.org for details and pictures of the Mass.