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The Cause Of Bl. Joseph Vaz Has Suffered Many Setbacks

His first Cause, started in 1713, was annulled by Pope Benedict XIV in 1738 and severe persecution in Sri Lanka hampered the collection of new miracles.

His second Cause was completed and submitted by the Portuguese Patriarch of Goa, D. Jose da Costa Nunes, with volumes of miracles in 1955. All 78 Bishops of India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Burma, and 150,000 Laity petitioned Pope Pius XII to beatify him. No beatification was given.

In 1957, his Cause was put in the Historical Section. As the original documents required were mostly lost, the Cause ended here. Fr. Gasbarri, the Oratorian Postulator, resigned.

In 1965, Portuguese historian, Mons. Manuel da Costa Nunes, discovered the original Goan Oratorian Records in a Lisbon archive. He described the discovery as a major miracle that saved the Cause. After the “Positio Historica” was completed in 1985, new miracles were again required. Thus there was no beatification until 1995, for the Pope’s visit to Sri Lanka.

Since October l999, 4 big miracles have been reported but their approval is still pending. The Pope Could Canonize Bl. Joseph Vaz without further miracles as he did Maximilien Kolbe, perhaps on the same grounds, that persecution hampered his Cause.

We invite all those with access to the Pope to ask His Holiness for this long overdue and just canonization.