Recognition in years

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The Process for his Recognition as a Saint

1711 – Father Joseph Vaz dies a saintly death in Kandy, Sri Lanka, and is honored with a public funeral.

1713 – The Jesuit Bishop of Cochin begins his Cause.

1896 – Mons, Zalesky, Papal Nuncio and founder of the Papal Seminary in India, suggests that a new Cause be started. It begun by the Goan Church.

1953 – The diocesan ordinary process is sealed and sent to Rome. It contains volumes of miracles, including the three required outstanding miracles.

1954 – All 78 Bishops of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka sign a Petition to Pope Pius XII to beatify him.

1976 – Cardinal Cooray of Sri Lanka petitions Pope Paul VI for action. A Positio Historica, summary of the historical documents relating to the life and work of Father Joseph Vaz, is requested.

1985 – The Positio is submitted and the Bishops of Sri Lanka petition Pope John Paul II to beatify Vaz.

1993 – The miracle required for Beatification is approved by the Sacred Congregation for the Saints and the Pope issues the Decree of Beatification.

1995 – The Government and Bishops of Sri Lanka host the visit of Pope John Paul II to Sri Lanka for the official Beatification of Saint Joseph Vaz.